5 Square Mile

Our Story

5 Square Mile is dedicated to producing authentically made and tasting spirits. Just 5 square miles in size, our whiskey is distilled in the town of Lawrenceburg, Indiana – the home to some of America’s most renowned whiskey distilleries since 1847. Our distillery uses only the most premium grain for our whiskey, sourced throughout the mid-west. We aim to uniquely combine U.S authenticity and modern drinking through premiumisation

5 Square Mile Rye Whiskey

5 Square Mile Rye Whiskey is as smooth as they come. This rye whiskey offers a perfect balance of  sweet oak and natural spiciness of the rye malt and flavours of cinnamon, toffee and fresh cloves on  the nose. Best served neat or with a splash of water.

5 Square Mile bOURBON Whiskey

Our 3-year-old bourbon complements traditional bourbon flavours of caramel & vanilla but with a refreshing element of spice due to the 5% Rye component. The addition of Rye balances the bourbon with a subtle yet sweet spice.